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Over the centuries ago, the cone crushers were developed to offer secondary, tertiary and also quaternary material lessening. As like any other compression crushers, the cone crushers are also featured a cavity or a crushing chamber, where the rock is crushed to a normal size. Actually, the crushing chamber in a cone crusher is a space made between the concaves and mantle. However, these concaves and mantles are highly safeguarded from the routine wear by replaceable manganese liners.

Choosing the best material for cone crusher liner

At present, there are plenty of materials available in liners to accommodate the fine feeds and coarse, but that you select based on many factors. In fact, one of the most essential elements in a cone crusher liner range is a feed. Typically, you must have a well quality feed going into a crushing chamber. This well quality feed is commonly considered as:

0-10% passing a closed side setting

40-60% passing a midpoint

90-100% passing a closed side feed opening. Also, some people look at 80% of open side and choose a minor of the two

Initially, you need to match a complete feed gradation not only a feed size, but also you can use a full chamber. However, it is very much essential to use a lot of the crushing chamber as much as possible to obtain the preferred material and needed discount. Commonly, plant the feed size as well as output from past crushing phase describes your top feed size that would provide you the utmost cavity opening. This cavity opening must not be too massive in related to the leading feed size. The openings in cavity are very much bigger than a feed size lead to ailing used liners and reduction as well.

There are wide varieties of materials available to take into the consideration while choosing a cone crusher chamber shape to greatly match your requirements. The insufficient liner shape can lead to improve the lost time via surplus liner wear, lesser effectiveness and also automated damage to a crusher in few cases. The selection of cone crusher is more essential for the user selection. This always requires a periodic replacement to guard the cone crusher and also hold the output. The greater selection, the fewer prices and more profit. Let you take a look at the material selection below:

Among several other materials, the high manganese has powerful resistance, wear resistance and high pressure, so it becomes a great option and having tough work features matchless compare with any other wear resistant materials. This is because; whenever the surface obtains a big impact or big contact stress, the surface of steel will layer the hardened one by quick improvements. Still, the inner layer of austenitic steel maintains the best hardness at the same time. However, the major features of high manganese steel are given below:

With a random wear of surface hardened layer, the fresh hardening layer is consistently created

The higher the impact of outer load, its greater surface abrasion resistance

The superior material of heavy manganese steel appropriate for the manufacture of wear resistant component is subjected to the endure carry for a prolong time, which is vastly utilized in coal, building materials, electricity, metallurgy, railway and any other mechanical devices.

Theoretically, Mn13 is heavy manganese steel and Mn18 is ultra-loaded manganese steel. The substance of elements such as Si can affect the impact hardiness, which requires less than 0.5% lesser content of element P and S are simple.

Productivity improvements for your cone crush liners

In any kind of crushing application, the material selection and equipment performance is more important to the operation success. However, when the equipment is continually in required of maintenance, it highly disturbs the effectiveness. So, they should know that to handle your equipment properly and also process the running very efficiently. It might also need an approach, which is very deeply than simply selecting a different grade of material or simply a cone crusher liner. Crusherparts Make sure the manufacturer has equipment skills and abilities to make the best selection of material for you as well as your process by reviewing the complete machine setup and process as well.